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Application Developer
Chota is a word taken from the Urdu language. It is truly the centrepiece of our product offerings. It literally means 'small one' but is used in the language to refer to an apprentice. It started as a simple code generator to help speed up development by automating repetitive tasks. It allows us to choose reusable components and add new objects to it as required. The result is a fully-functional prototype by simple point and click, and adding the relevant database schema necessitated by the project. The beauty of this system is that it enables even our business analysts with no technical background to create working prototypes based on client requirements without even involving the developers till a later stage.

Through its evolution, Chota has acquired various skills and now allows us to at times develop complex custom applications without having to write a single line of code. It is currently being used internally only but is being trained and made more user friendly to face the outside world.

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