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Custom Controls
Over time, we have developed a lot of components as part of our product development activities and custom software projects. Gauging the usefulness of these components we decided to bundle them together and market them as a product. ControlHive contains custom controls for ASP.NET. These controls can also be included as components into PT Covalence and Musannif if required. Controls requiring associated entities will automatically be included in the respective schema.

Here are some of the components that come bundled in the ControlHive package.

PT Calendar: This is a 4 view calendar with Day, Week, Month and Agenda screens. The control runs on AJAX and can be customised to include additional screens. The control comes with a various entities which can also be used to manage any temporal information in the system.

PT Datagrid: A datagrid view with an integrated paging mechanism ideal for handling large amounts of data.

PT Image Manager: Managing a large number of photos can be problamatic in CMSs. This controls makes it easy to manage all the photos or the set can be filtered based on a number of criterion.

PT Image Gallery: A custom javascipt gallery showing images on mouse over.

PT Menu: The PT Menu has a number of states and options. It comes with entities for defining pages and controls as objects besides a sitemap entity. If this control is added to an application which has the security module, it integrates into that to provide security trimming i.e. hiding the pages which the user does not have access to. Menu icons can also be added to the items and these are uploaded via the SiteObject Control. It also automatically adds side arrows if the menu width exceeds its designated width. The menu can also be split into 2 menus if a module/sub module configuration is required in CRMs. These menus communicate with each other in a parent-child configuration. The menu also works on a single page control architecture where it fires AJAX postbacks instead of redirecting pages.

Currently, the controls are not sold seperately.
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