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Customisable CRM
PT Covalence is a customisable CRM technology designed to help manage the operations of the modern enterprise. Unlike traditional CRMs, PT Covalence does not comprise of rigid modules but rather relies on complex guidelines and procedures that define the construction of CRMs. Once client needs are identified, the requirements are fed into Chota which builds a working CRM from them.

PT Covalence technology can be used to craft highly adaptable web-based CRM systems. Combining sophisticated AJAX technology with dynamic user controls enables us to create highly responsive web applications as opposed to relying on traditional web pages which take relatively more time to load and are cumbersome to use. Additionally, CRMs based on the PT Covalence technology offer complete cross browser compatibility freeing users from installing a cocktail of different kinds of plug-ins. The end product is a flexible web-based CRM system with the swiftness of a desktop application.

Various implementations of PT Covalence are in use by different companies ranging from 2 to 500 employees.

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