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Chota is a word taken from the Urdu language. It is truly the centrepiece of our product offerings. It literally means 'small one' but is used in the language to refer to an apprentice. It started as a simple code generator to help speed up development by automating repetitive tasks. It allows us to choose reusable components and add new objects to it as required. view details

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A customisable CRM technology designed to help manage the operations of the modern enterprise. Unlike traditional CRMs, PT Covalence does not comprise of rigid modules but rather relies on complex guidelines and procedures that define the construction of CRMs. view details

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Our content management system is the workhorse of our dynamic websites. What makes it different from most content management systems is that it does not simply rely on modules or plugins. It uses various guidelines for putting together components of a custom content management system. view details

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Our GIS Suite includes a set of applications that enhance standard productivity and software development tools by adding a spatiotemporal dimension to it. Like any other Parachatech product, with our GIS software you get cross-product compatibility in the form of reusable components that can be ported across our entire product range. view details

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Over time, we have developed a lot of components as part of our product development activities and custom software projects. Gauging the usefulness of these components we decided to bundle them together and market them as a product. ControlHive contains custom controls for ASP.NET. These controls can also be included as components into PT Covalence and Musannif if required. view details