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ParachaTech is a Systems Engineering company offering a diverse portfolio of IT services aimed at improving online visibility and operational productivity. Our team sports comprehensive experience in building and managing complex geospatial information systems and state of the art web portals. The company’s mainstay is web development, CMS/CRM development and GIS development services. Considering that the company has just entered in its second year of operation, its emphasis on quality and adherence to industry standards is testified by its target of achieving CMMi Level 2 certification by the end of 2011.
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To make the best use of human talent and funnel it towards the creation of a dynamic, competitive and technologically advanced company that redefines how software is developed.
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ParachaTech in short is a freelancer-turned-company which is now just over a year old. Despite its nascence, the company has enjoyed a great deal of commercial success by creating a striking portfolio while at the same time providing a conducive environment for its rapidly growing team.

Founding member Atif has always been passionate about software development from an early age and started coding while he was at school in the early 90s. From writing Unix-based scripts to building complex spatio-temporal data analysis systems, programming always piqued his interest. It was only when Atif decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in Computer Science he developed a structured approach to his fervour. A decade-long stint comprising hobby coding, an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in computer science and GIS respectively, and numerous short courses equipped Atif with the right set of tools to craft high quality commercial software. Along the way, he worked with most platforms and languages which enabled him to develop the requisite breadth for understanding and developing multifarious applications.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Atif inherits the same pedigree and went on to set up his own entrepreneurial venture. He continued as a freelancer till one day where he overheard someone on the London Underground train. He appeared to be a young, passionate, fellow software junkie just like Atif. At this point, Atif decided to approach this guy and started a conversation. One thing led to the other and they decided to meet in a more conducive environment. The second meeting with Talha confirmed Atif’s views about his proficiency and firm grasp on various principles of software development. Talha was indeed a guru who put Atif’s coding skills to shame. Atif invited Talha to join his one-man team. The new addition was a blessing in disguise as his joining the team allowed Atif to focus more on his specialty of system design and business development while handing over most programming responsibilities to Talha. The army of two would later become a registered software entity called Parachatech Ltd.

Projects started pouring in and while there was deliberation on setting up an office, a virtual setup was decided over a traditional brick and mortar concern. The reasons for choosing a remote virtual business model were lesser administrative overheads and more competitive pricing through outsourcing. VoIP lines were set up and all other necessary arrangements were made for hiring the right team. Ever since its inception, the company has demonstrated phenomenal growth both in terms of revenue and human resource base.

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Parachatech is currently headquartered in London, UK and offers services across four continents. The company has ramped up its business development efforts in Australia to further expand its global footprint. Being based out of London allows us to tap into the domestic UK market through the CEO’s personal and professional network and various freelance websites such as Online freelancing websites have been instrumental for the company to tap into foreign markets and develop long-term partnerships in US, Europe and even South Africa.

The ParachaTech team works from Europe and Asia spread across six cities. This allows us to effectively service different time zones making us a truly global venture. In addition, maintaining a back office in Asia allows us to offer competitive pricing to our clients while at the same time providing personalized support through our European workforce.

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The future for Parachatech Ltd is very ambitious yet based on achievable, quantifiable targets. We not only want the company to attain technical excellence in all the areas we deliver services in, but also want to evolve as a well-rounded organization where our people own the company. At the same time, we’d like to carry our traditional business practices which are built on the foundation of sound work ethics and trust. We will continue to defy the odds and produce exceptional results irrespective of the economic conditions and create more jobs for people around the world.

As a start-up, our biggest challenge is to manage our explosive growth. We have the good fortune of being endowed with a lot of business opportunities however; we’re still in the process of expanding our team. Our strategy is based around a sustainable growth model to circumvent cash flow problems and manage growth rationally.

Although there is no substitute to human intellect and excellence, it is our ultimate goal to automate most functions in our operations and software development process. This will leave more time for our human resources to do what they do best; innovate. We intend to master the virtual office model and set a precedent all companies who wish to follow suit.